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Hello, and welcome to my website!
About Me


Hi! My name is Dulce Gomez-Ortiz, I was born in Mexico, but have called Idaho home since I was 13 years old. Shortly after immigrating to the United States, my passion for making cakes was born! I loved watching my aunt make beautiful cakes for our birthdays and family gatherings. Her creations inspired me, and I have been making cakes since my first child was born more than 20 years ago!


My aunt also inspired me to get into photography. I used to take her 35 mm film camera, especially if it had a new roll in it (there were no digital cameras at that time) to take pictures of my sister and cousins. I love photography so much that even before I bought a camera I purchased a camera bag at a yard sale, as a reminder that one day I would buy a "nice" camera! I did several years later and used that bag until it fell apart.

I love seeing people's faces and smile when they see their cake or pictures for the first time; that makes me happy and keeps me motivated to continue to improve and get better. My hope is that people love their product as much as I love working on it!

Check it out!

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